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Sweat Engine: Multiple Insertions

  1. Insertions 1:00
  2. Multiple Insertions 0:26
  3. Animal 5:47
  4. Distract 4:21
  5. Moving Pictures 4:28
  6. Hard & Fast 2:04
  7. Zombie 5:07
  8. In Darkness 2:51
  9. Sweat & Moan 4:22
  10. Destroy4U 6:23

Sweat Engine assaults you on all sides much like the Superbowl halftime media blitz. Frivolous sound bytes from every conceivable source imaginable percolate throughout each track. Somewhere amidst the cacophony of the audio sampling lies the core of each track albeit sometimes it is difficult to find. The lyrics tend to range from less than subtlely arranged sexual innuendo to the usual antisocietal discourse popular in this particular genre. Finally we come to the music which somehow tries overcome all of the rest of the aural menagerie by also utilizing every possible electronic and guitar audio source to pelt the listener into submission. Sweat Engine end up coming off like a cross between an MTV bumper, the six o'clock news, and an infomercial. Also included on the album is a CD-ROM track. Contained on the track is an HTML formatted discography, audio video samples, lyrics, and enough information to bring anyone up to speed on the band.

 Sweat Engine is:

Pan Handler Production
P.O. Box 948571
La Jolla, CA 92037-9402
(619) 558-6378

 E-mail: trevor@panhand.com

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