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Artist SWEAT ENGINE Title "Multiple Insertions"
Label VINYL COMMUNICATIONS Cat. No. VC-80 1995 Format CD
Tracks "Insertions (CD ROM)"; "Multiple Insertions"; "Animal"; "Distract"; "Moving Pictures"; "Hard & Fast"; "Zombie"; "In Darkness"; "Sweat & Moan"; "Destroy4U".
This album falls into the area of Hardcore Electronics, that arena of music CHASE of RE-CONSTRICTION described as Torture Tech. A genre which - forgive me for saying - often hides it's weaknesses in distortions and samey structures. What sets SWEAT ENGINE apart from the groundswell is their almost Punk approach to song writing, and their clarity of both music and vocals. And where fx are added, they are actually creative and different - like the almost hysterical Dalek pitch shifting on "Distract". Overall the bpms (given on the back cover) are high and frantic. There's also more hook in these songs than you'll find on any half dozen other albums in the same field. Looking at the sleeve, I cannot see one title which I couldn't remember from hearing this album only a handful of times. Now that is unusual, and it's this instant appeal which should make the album sell like hot cakes (as we Brits say).

Colourfully blended sounds, smart production, hooky songs and enough aggression and fire to make this album way in front of most of the others in this field.

Alas, as for the CD ROM, and despite the fact that my new computer runs at 500 mHz, I had no more luck in running the program than I had with my old machine. One day I will manage to explore this and will update the review to let you know what's on there.

On the back cover of this CD, there's a note that says: 'WARNING: Do Not Play Loudly. This May Damage Your Speakers!' Well, I knew about this, because I've played this CD (and the CD-ROM files) several times already. But being the dumb-ass that I am, I forgot to turn down the volume before pushing 'play'. And I was wearing headphones. Don't do this. Actually it wasn't that bad - kind of exhilarating. I guess, in a masochistic sort of way.

This disc has some really cool samples, first off. Yeah, it is kind of lame when the main thing you remember about someone's CD is the cool samples, but there was only one song that really reached out and grabbed me by the neck and said, 'Look, bitch...' That was "Zombie": 'Fuck You 'Til You're Blind (?) / I Have Your Body, But Not Your Mind / It's Like Fucking A Zombie'. Yeah. Words like that do tend to stick with you. "Animal" is a good song with a very valid message, though it's been done before: 'I Am An Animal / Strapped To A Chair / Nobody Helps Me / 'Cause Nobody Cares ... Technology's Allowed / To Kill Me And Damage My Brain / Why Am I Subject To This / Unbearable Pain?'

For the most part, the music is fierce, fist-clenching Aggro-Thrash-Industrial, yet rather danceable. The vocals run the gamut, with all kinds of effects and distortion; I couldn't even tell if it was the same guy singing from track to track. Between songs, you get the aural sensation of being led through huge, rusty steel doors and down long, dark, dirty corridors with leaky ceilings. It probably smells real bad there too.

The CD-ROM files include movies, pictures, written material, other art work, networking and product information and a bunch of other stuff from about six dozen contributors, including CHASE and RE-CONSTRICTION RECORDS.

  Reprinted from INDUSTRIAL NATION 13