New for 2006
"we put the 'go' in 'gothic'"
3" Gear Shaped CD with audio in Stereo and 5.1 DTS.

Having Trouble Playing?
Due to the unique shape and encoding of this product, we expect folks may have problems playing it. If you received a CD, can't play it and tried everything (including buying new equipment), we will provide the here audio as a download.

To download the audio, you must have a CD already. Look on the back of the CD, you will see some red text (a symbol and some numbers). Type the text in here for access:

About this Release
In the early '90s, SE speculated that the shift in government funding from the military would create a vacuum for technological ingeniuity which could only be fulfilled by the technical underground - sure enough, many of those industrials pushed their technological limits and found new careers in the Internet industry. At that time, Multiple Insertions was created as the first multi-OS music and art CDROM.

In 2006, we fight the same fight to push the limits of technology and compatibility. As we find the audio CD dying, killed by the MP3, Internet and newer hard formats, SE is pushing the final limit of the CD media. To our knowledge, this is the only multi-mode surround CD in existance - both stereo audio and 5.1 DTS surround. Unlike SACD and DVD formats, this CD will play in surround on all computers (with multi-channel audio capability) and play on tray loading CD players.

We've produced this CD with the smaller size and sharper edges just to give our audience an extra dangerous puzzle. This CD will stick in many slot-loading CD players (such as those in cars and some laptops). Yes, this is intentional. The industrialized world has no room for those who refuse to read instructions. The lazy deserve to have their gear broken!

Let the industrial revolution continue...

Playing the CD
This CD will:
  1. play in stereo in most tray-loading CD players
  2. will not play in slot loading CD players
  3. will play in 5.1 DTS on most DVD players (with the DTS logo)
  4. will play in stereo and 5.1 DTS on Macs with multichannel audio cards using the free VLC player.
  5. will play in stereo and 5.1 DTS on PCs with multichannel audio cards using the free VLC player.
About 5.1 DTS
DTS (Digital Theater Systems) is a multi-channel digital surround sound format. While there are many varients, that used on this CD is the standard 5 channel (left-front, right-front, left-rear, right-rear, center-channel) and sub channel. When computers play audio from a CD (using, say VLC), the player will look at each track to determine what the format is. However, when most DVD players load a disk, they only look at the first track. If the first track is DTS, then the player will assume that all tracks are DTS. If the first track is stereo audio, then the player will assume that all of the tracks are stereo audio.

We have implemented an SE trick to get this all to work. The first track on "we put the 'go' in 'gothic' is a short DTS track. DVD players will see this track and switch into DTS mode. Most standard audio CD players will play just a short pop of DTS (it sounds like white noise). So, DVD players will only play tracks 1 and 4 (2 and 3 will play as silence). Audio CD players will play tracks 1 and 4, but as noise and 2 and 3 will play as normal.

For more information on DTS see the wiki page.

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